Corporate Devotions

The 2020 pandemic stirred the hearts of the Pierce family to determine how they could come alongside their staff, clients, loved ones, and community to provide support and comfort in light of the impacts of Covid-19. A weekly devotion immediately came to mind and Velma Greenlee, key account manager for Pierce Insurance was a natural candidate to lead the devotions. She wholeheartedly agreed and with God’s direction, Velma’s weekly corporate devotions inspire, teach, and prompt those who hear, to deepen their relationship with our Creator and Savior. She is faithful to her call to be “A prayer warrior, an intercessory praiser, might in Spirit, equipped to teach and born to preach.” (Velma Greenlee Ministries, n.d.).

May the recordings included below be an inspiration to you as well.


“Word of Inspiration & Prayer, by Rev. Velma Greenlee”

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12/08/2023 Hope is with Us (Velma)
12/01/2023 Stand Your Ground (Velma)
11/10/2023 Faith (Tabitha)
09/29/2023 Confused By Gods Actions (Rev Kenny)
09/22/2023 Acts How To Pray (Rev Kenny)
09/15/2023 The Bible Tabitha
09/08/2023 Adam And Eve (Rev Kenny)
09/01/2023 Gods-Beautiful-Handiwork (Velma)
08/25/2023 God-Of-Compassion (Velma)
08/18/2023 Pray-Scripture (Rev Kenny)
08/11/2023 Gods Promises (Rev Kenny)
07/14/2023 Let Love Lead Part II
07/11/2023 Let Love Lead
06/30/2023 Trust God Again
06/23/2023 Shift Your Focus
06/16/2023 Let It Go
06/09/2023 Its Okay to not Understand
06/02/2023 The Vine Connection
05/19/2023 The Vine Connection
05/12/2023 How to Pray Scripture
05/05/2023 The Vine Connection Revisited
04/28/2023 Perspective
04/21/2023 Learning to Pray
04/14/2023 The Call to Prayer
03/31/2023 Faith and God’s Promises
03/17/2023 What Does the Bible Say About Stress and Anxiety?
03/10/2023 Get a Handle on God’s Word”, Guest Speaker, Kenny Jenkins, Corporate Chaplain
03/03/2023 Who Gives You Life?”, Guest Speaker, Kenny Jenkins, Corporate Chaplain
02/10/2023 What are You Reflecting?
02/03/2023 Don’t Stop Pushing
01/27/2023 Why Do We Fast
01/13/2023 Give Him a Yes When Submitting to His Will: Let Go of Certain Things
01/06/2023 God Wants a Yes


12/30/2022  “A Season of Stretching”, Guest Speaker, Latasha Singleton
12/09/2022 Moving from Fear to Prayer
12/02/2022 "Don’t Neglect Any Area of Your Life”, Guest Speaker, Daniel Allette
11/11/2022 Embrace Life
09/09/2022 Let the Word Fight for You
08/12/2022 Release It
08/05/2022 Spending Time with God is Vital
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