Frequently Asked Questions – General

For your convenience we have provided a list of answers to common questions about our benefits. Your HR representative may also be able to provide additional information.

How do I purchase Pierce Insurance supplemental benefits?

We specialize in worksite benefits. Check with your employer to see if Pierce Insurance benefits are offered. If you do have Pierce Insurance benefits at work, be sure to access My Benefits for brochures, forms, certificates, videos and helpful links.

How do I purchase Pierce Insurance as a 50+ individual?
Pierce Insurance features a comprehensive range of insurance products–supported by its premiere insurance underwriters–that recognizes the needs of the U.S. 50+ market.  Benefits are available by calling 800-421-3142 or visiting
How do I enroll?
Pierce Insurance offers 4 ways to enroll:

  1. Call center:
    Employees 800.421.3142
    North Carolina Retirement Systems 855.627.3847
  2. 1:1 in-person meetings: Request a 1:1 in-person meeting by calling Pierce Insurance at 800.421.3142, email us, or request a meeting through your HR department
  3. Group meetings: check with your HR department for your next scheduled group meeting
  4. On-line enrollment: if available at your place of work

To learn more about your next open enrollment period and when new hires must enroll: access My Benefits, call 800.421.3142,email us, or chat with us.

How do I file a claim and check claim status?

Refer to My Benefits. Select your employer and you will find forms, brochures, certificates, learning tools and other helpful hints. To check claim status call the number on your claim form or call 800.421.3142, email us or chat with us.

Why should I buy benefits at work?

Rates are often more affordable, benefit package is more competitive due to buying power and your premiums are conveniently deducted from your paycheck or pension check.

Can I keep my coverage if I change jobs?

Yes, in most cases. See your employer for details or call 800.421.3142.